Natural Bamboo Steamer

Material Bamboo
Feature Sustainable, Stocked
Size 4.5"/5.5"/8"/10"/11"
Diameter 10cm-50cm
Color Natural bamboo color
Usage dumplings, cakes, dim sum, bun
Finishing Polished, witout chemical
Price reference USD0.7-3.9
Product Detail

bamboo steamer.jpg

Bamboo steamers are round steamers made from bamboo like those used in Chinese cuisine. They can be stacked

on top of each other so that the steam can cook many different servings simultaneously.

NATURAL HEALTHY BAMBOO COOKWARE: This bamboo steamer basket is handmade with professional natural

bamboo, and there will be no quality problems after you often use it. The bamboo surface is polished so that you

can use it for a long time, it is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, durable and safe.

The holes on steamer basket are for easy steaming and draining. Hot steam goes through the holes and cook the

food, without touching boiling water. Bamboo steamer is your healthy choice.

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