Eco-friendly Soft Toothbrush

Feature Disposable, customized
Age Group Adult
Product name family use wooden toothbrush
Material 100% Natural wooden toothbrush
Function eco-friendly toothbrush
Size 9.5-18.7cm / customized
Logo Available
Price reference USD0.1-0.29
Product Detail


ENJOY A COMFORTABLE BRUSHING EXPERIENCE- This brush has been tested and proven to be 100% perfect for you to use. The extra soft bristles protect your sensitive gums from bleeding or scratching so you will never be injured as you brush your teeth.

MAKE YOUR TEETH SQUEAKY CLEAN- As you use this toothbrush, your teeth will be as neat as ever because it features a waveform design to adapt to your teeth shape that will not only clean the surface of your teeth but also clean in-between your teeth.

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